Chi-Squared Test Leakage Assessment

The chi-squared test can be used with the t-test to assess leakage. The chi-squared script that is provided uses ‘random’ and ‘fixed’ classes so the inputs to the script are the same as the ones used for For more information, please refer to the T-test page. The script is named and is located in fobos/software/tools/x-test. To run the test, use the following command.

python traces0.npy traces1.npy result_x_test.png

Where all the input files are similar to the t-test inputs.

Below, we show a chi-sqaured test that show a leakage and one that does not. In these two graphs we choose a threshold of 10^-5 and reason that the implementation is leaking if p-values are below the threshold.


Chi-squared test on Unprotected Ascon


Chi-squared test on Protected Ascon