Flexible Open-source workBench fOr Side-channel analysis (FOBOS)

Side-channel analysis (SCA) attacks pose a growing threat to the implementations of cryptographic algorithms in software as well as in hardware. Current standard side-channel evaluation boards with Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs), that allow for exploring the vulnerability of cryptographic implementations on FPGAs, are expensive and available only for a few FPGA devices. Furthermore, a complete open source software package that includes drivers that run test cases on the board, control the measurement equipment, and contain several SCA techniques, are not readily available. Each user has to assemble his/her own setup based on software packages from multiple sources, written in multiple languages and/or write parts of the code themselves. Additionally, this complexity and cost makes it very difficult, if not impossible, to educate students on SCA through hands-on laboratory exercises. FOBOS is an open-source framework for conducting SCA attacks on FPGAs which supports multiple FPGA devices and includes all necessary software to run Differential Power Analysis (DPA) attacks, which are the most prominent kind of SCA attacks. Through its completeness and support for educational FPGA boards it is an ideal teaching tool.

FOBOS Overview

In its first version FOBOS will support power analysis of implementations on FPGAs. FOBOS includes all necessary software to control the device under test (attack) (DUT), trigger the oscilloscope, obtain the measurements and analyze them using several power analysis techniques. The components of FOBOS are build in a modular fashion so that it can easily be adapted for new FPGA boards, oscilloscopes, and attack techniques

FOBOS Main Components

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