Flexible Open-source workBench fOr Side-channel analysis (FOBOS)

Side-channel analysis attacks pose a grave threat to implementations of cryptographic algorithms. FOBOS, loosely named after the Greek god Phobos (Φóβος), is an "acquisition to analysis" solution which includes all necessary software to control the device under test (attack) (DUT), trigger the oscilloscope, obtain the measurements and analyze them using several power analysis techniques. FOBOS mainly targets FPGAs as DUTs.

FOBOS 3 Setup
FOBOS 3 Setup with FBD-A7 Target


  • Complete solution useful for education.
  • Rns cryptographic implementations on FPGAs for side-channel analysis and power consumption benchmarking.
  • DUT support includes Digilent Nexys3 board (Xilinx Spartan6), NewAE CW305 board (Xilinx Artix7-100), and our new FBD-A7 board (Xilinx Artix-7-12).
  • FOBOS Shield which provides 100 MS/s ADC for SCA measurements and current sense monitors for power consumption measurements. This removes the need for an oscilloscope and enables benchmarking of power and energy consumption of the DUT.
  • Modular software, allows for easy adaptation for new boards, oscilloscopes.
  • Extensible by the user to include
    • new attack scenarios and
    • new attack models.


FOBOS 3 has improved DUT communication via Gigabit Ethernetand supports fast OpenADC or USB3 Picoscopes leading to a total speed improvement over FOBOS 2 of 4 times.

SCA lets you recover the secret key. FOBOS supports the following methods: SPA, DPA, CPA.

Test Vector Leakage Assessment lets you know if your implementation is leaking any information. FOBOS supports Welch's T-Test.

FOBOS 3 Features


  • Uses Digilent Pynq-Z1 or TUL Pynq-Z2 as control board.
  • Tested with Agilent DSO6054A, Picoscope 3000, 5000, 6000 Series.
  • VHDL wrapper for DUT w/ support for CAESAR and LWC HW APIs.
  • Control board provides clock to DUT, no external clock generator required.


  • Correlation Power Analysis
  • Test vector leakage assessment (TVLA) using T-Test and Χ2-Test.
  • Profiler correlates DUT clock cycles to TVLA leakage points.
  • Power Consumption measurement (with XBP)

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