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......@@ -58,3 +58,26 @@ well as the achieved speed-up.
You can also set the "POLY_MUL_EXE" parameter to 1 in the DMA_Transfer_def.h to
print out the execution time of hardware accelerator only.
This platform has been used for generating results reported in the following
- F. Farahmand, V. Dang, M. Andrzejczak, K. Gaj, “Implementing and Benchmarking
Seven Round 2 Lattice-Based Key Encapsulation Mechanisms Using a
Software/Hardware Codesign Approach”. In NIST Second PQC Standardization
Conference, Santa Barbara, USA, Aug 2019.
- F. Farahmand, V. Dang, D. Nguyen, and K. Gaj, “Evaluating the Potential for
Hardware Acceleration of Four NTRU-Based Key Encapsulation Mechanisms Using
Software/Hardware Codesign”. In: 10th International Conference on Post-Quantum
Cryptography, PQCrypto 2019. LNCS. Chongqing, China: Springer, May 2019.
- F. Farahmand, D. Nguyen, V. Dang, A. Ferozpuri, and K. Gaj, “Software/Hardware
Codesign of the Post Quantum Cryptography Algorithm NTRUEncrypt Using
High-Level Synthesis and Register-Transfer Level Design Methodologies”, In
29th International Conference on Field Programmable Logic and Applications
(FPL), Barcelona, Spain, Sep. 9-13, 2019.
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