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Update README file in c_baremetal directory

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* aes.c
* Created on: Jul 9, 2018
* Author: dbviet
This is an implementation of the AES algorithm, specifically ECB, CTR and CBC mode.
Block size can be chosen in aes.h - available choices are AES128, AES192, AES256.
The implementation is verified against the test vectors in:
......@@ -32,42 +32,40 @@ List of source code and their description:
Initialize UART and enable caches.
Modified to use either software or hardware multiplier.
NTRUEncrypt parameters definition.
Provides supporting functions for hardware multiplier.
Standalone AES implementation.
Modified to use standalone AES implementation instead of AES implementation in OpenSSL
Original files from NIST PQC Round 1 submission NTRUEncrypt.
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